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Currently there is a fashion for ready faded denim products, that are supposed to look 'lived in' but really look like you have sat in some in bleach. In the eighties ripped jeans were in vogue

Why not combine these ideas and take the result one step further?

Clothes could be sold faded, torn and holed with a variety of stains splashed across them such as paint and varnish, the effects of a leaked biro in a shirt pocket could be replicated and a 'sweat' treatment could be applied to armpits.

For the really fashion conscious, the tramp look could be a real hit. Clothes in this vein would be vomit stained and come with a scent of a mixture of urine and meths.

I can't wait for this to appear on the catwalk.
-- rambling_sid, Dec 22 2004

(?) I can see why this would take off http://www.therocka...angelista-tramp.jpg
[skinflaps, Dec 22 2004]

132 year old http://www.unbeliev...jeans-revealed.html
levis [popbottle, Aug 26 2014]

okay, I just spotted ready stained kids clothes so I suppose its redundant, however I can't bring my self to mfd my own idea so I will leave it to someone else to decide :(
-- rambling_sid, Dec 22 2004

Holds out lighter, flicks open lid, spins flint, ignites flame.

Lights cigar and toss's foil wrapped chocolate money into tin can.

Moves on.
-- skinflaps, Dec 22 2004

Yeah, you'll have to buy old clothes, and donate brand new clothes to the homeless.
-- phundug, Dec 22 2004

[El dorado Jr] People will still buy new clothes just as they buy 'natural look' makup which makes you look like you arent wearing any makup.
-- rambling_sid, Dec 23 2004

Well, you can't blame them. Fashion is simply a form of ugliness so intolerable it must be altered every month.

Meanwhile, those 'Faded, Washed Out' jeans make me look fat.
-- Earthborne, Dec 25 2004

Oh, you would just love how my fella dresses. One of our passtimes is working out how many items of clothing he is wearing that he has bought himself. The answer, even when working outside and wearing about 9 layers, is almost invariably, "none". Everything is second or third hand, patched, ripped, holey, stained, faded, worn cheesecloth thin or otherwise distressed.

He wouldn't go for factory pre-distressed clothing though. Probably something to do with authenticity or keepin it real or some such bollox (I just nod and smile).
-- squeak, Dec 29 2004

Baked by the CIA, because real hobo clothes might have diseases.
-- Voice, May 01 2008

Hulk stressed - the logical evolution of distressed jeans.
-- Loris, Aug 27 2014

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