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Shunt avoidance system.

Apparently most accidents on motorways are not caused so much by speed, but by driving too close to the back of the car infront for the speed you are doing. What we call tailgating.

The Shunt Alarm is an ultra sonic meter, similar to that used for parking on the rear of fancy beamers, but this one points forward and is linked into the speedo. When the distance between you and the car in front is too close for the speed you are doing an alarm or light is triggered as way of warning. Alternatively it could be linked to a speed limiting system.

Also, if the fog light or windscreen wipers are in use the controlling computer system will recalculate the stopping distances in respect of the adverse conditions.
-- etherman, Aug 02 2004

Space bar on your keyboard is that big long sucker closest to you.
-- ConsulFlaminicus, Aug 02 2004

I have a version of this that operates on ambient electromagnetic radiation, which is detected by twin sensors that I bring with me everywhere. But I see your point. Nothing wrong with a little backup.

SA Frontiers had a show that mentioned that in high traffic load conditions, we actually try to maintain more space than needed, initiating the stop-start cycle of a traffic jam. If your idea were widely implemented, perhaps it would improve traffic flow (after we'd had a few years to get comfortable with trusting the system).
-- bpilot, Aug 02 2004

Firstly, I know where my space bar is Consul, but do you know where your meds are, thats the question?

Secondly, fogfreak, please dont share your imagination with us.

I was thinking that linking it to a small HUD on the windsheild might be less annoting than a bleeping flashing thing.
-- etherman, Aug 03 2004

But do they connect it to the windscreen wipers and fog light for adverse weather adjustments?
-- etherman, Aug 03 2004

But the driver isn't going to drive via the radar system, so fog will still mean that he should increase his braking distance. the system will do this automatically. I'm thinking from a european point of view where cruise control isn't that popular therefore human reactions still have to be concidered.
-- etherman, Aug 03 2004

I already have one of these. The proximity alarm plays popular tunes from various channels in FM and AM bands.
-- Laughs Last, Aug 03 2004

(common - popular) i presumed they were interrelated, but then presumption is the mother of all f**k ups.

Laughs Last: really? can we get a wee linky. Did it comes as standard or is it a custom job? or are you making it up and I didn't get the joke?

Temperature control- yes, and I think fog and rain would need a similar setting change.
-- etherman, Aug 03 2004

Seems similar to "tailgating warning" here in this category. Is the only difference that this one is on the trailing car rather than the car in front?
-- krelnik, Aug 03 2004

Yeah, on board warnings on other cars are a) a distraction b) likely to be ignored. Baby on board stickers dont have much effect unfortuntely.

Also mine is linked to the host cars systems, which could include cruise control, speed limiter, adverse weather adjustments, head up display etc.
-- etherman, Aug 03 2004

It looks like you didn't get the joke, sorry. My car radio is on all the time. I tailgate all the time. My passengers always act alarmed, so it must be working.
-- Laughs Last, Aug 03 2004

gloved? knuckleduster.
-- etherman, Aug 04 2004

I know. I was suggesting that for tailgaters it shouldn't be gloved but much more severe.
-- etherman, Aug 04 2004

//t this one points forward and is linked into the speedo//

I'm not too keen on linking any equippment into my speedo... unless it vibrates.
-- ye_river_xiv, Oct 01 2006

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