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recycling more gives you discounts on goods

what if there were a credit card or "club card" connected to a chain of stores and chain of recycling centers that kept track of how often you recycle? They could offer discounts and benefits back to you and proportionally reward folks who are recycling the most of materials they need. More responsible consumers, more reliable supply of packaging materials, better prices and less stuff in the landfill.
-- gomer, Sep 04 2008

Our stores do offer you $.50 everytime you bring your own bag. Is that what you mean?
-- blissmiss, Sep 04 2008

I do that. I give people a quid off for any suitable receptacles they bring me. It's not quite a credit card but they do get a benefit. I also do it for herbs they've gathered themselves.
-- nineteenthly, Sep 04 2008

In Holland (and probably elsewhere in Europe) you shove your empty plastic bottles in a machine in the supermarket which gives you an appropriate discount receipt for the checkout.
It hasn't seemed to catch on here in 'Monkey Island'**

**Note: I am reliably informed that many people on Northern Continental Europe refer to Us in the UK as 'Island Monkeys'
Apparently we live on 'Monkey Island'
-- gnomethang, Sep 04 2008

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