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the bin that makes you want to recycle

it would be a see through bin that would only carry specific see through bin liners. After say a month of watching all your vegetable waste look goopy, and your old newspapers being mixed in with last nights curry I'm sure anyone would want to start recycling things such as paper, and starting a compost pile at the bottom of their garden for vegetable waste.
-- kaz, Sep 27 2001

I've never been so shocked & dismayed in all my life. You threw away last night's curry? Tut, tut, tut!
-- DrBob, Sep 27 2001

I suspect that after the first week my tranparent bin would have a nice 'paint' of old soup, fag ash etc, which I would pass off as a 'jackson pollock' bin rather than clean it.
-- darndog, Sep 27 2001

I am so glad I live in a civilised part of the world where the dustbins are emptied weekly - sometimes daily by foxes
-- po, Sep 27 2001

You appear to have got the wrong end of the stick

DrBob: the curry is hypothetical

po: the bins are still enptied, its just they fill up with unpleasant looking crap again

To the pedant known as petersealy: Our house has one of those kitchen composters that you put your vegetable waste into and then empty when its full, but it just shocks me at how many of my friends/ their families just throw everything away ( even when our town has a perfectly good recycling colection scheme )
-- kaz, Sep 27 2001

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