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Product: Prank
Reflective Beast Eyes   (+6)  [vote for, against]
Practical joke for out of doors.

Before going on your next trip to the cabin or camping, buy 1/2 dozen or more of these little beauties and slip them into your backpack. Consisting of little more than a pair of reflective eyes joined together with a strip of plastic, surreptitiously hang them in the trees before dark around your campsite or on the pathway to the outdoor toilet. They come in colors such as 'ominous green' or 'angry red' plus they can have cats eye or demon eye shaped pupils as well being in a various range of sizes.

As darkness falls imagine the fun you'll have as your fellow campers notice the eye shine reflecting back at them from the campfire or their flashlights. Once you've had your fun, leave them there for the next set of visitors.
-- AusCan531, Oct 13 2013

Eyes in the Bushes- glow sticks and toilet paper rolls http://www.pinteres...243475923575598975/
[tatterdemalion, Oct 14 2013]

The Toilet Paper Roll and Glow Stick Idea
[AusCan531, Oct 21 2013]

This is Baked as a Halloween trick (1997 - 1999).

Even more effective when interspersed with pairs of red LEDs on T-shaped wooden frames planted in undergrowth and wired back to a central (concealed, camouflaged) switching panel powered by an automotive battery. Pairs of glowing red eyes were switched on and off by an operator to give the desired result (small children running away panic-stricken and shrieking in terror).

This is not, however, Widely Known To Exist. Indeed it came as a complete shock to a couple of cyclists who wandered throught the event area at dusk just before the actual proceedings began and became unwitting test subjects. Hilarity ensued …


In the final season, the performance was augmented by loudspeakers which played growling and snuffling noises, and thin black cords tied to bushes allowing the operator to rustle foliage around the "audience" (=victims). Several episodes of loss of bladder control and acute hysteria in under- 10s were observed at various locations on the walk. Surprisingly, there were no complaints; patrons had paid their money to be "scared out of their wits" and indeed the show was exactly as advertised.

Those little kids have no doubt matured into traumatised, disturbed, unbalanced neurotic adults who still occcasionally wake up screaming in the night, and have a pathological aversion to dark autumnal woodlands. MUHWHAHAHAHAHA !

And we were PAID to do it. Doesn't get much better than that …
-- 8th of 7, Oct 13 2013

Good stories guys, both of them. I was trying to think of a way to get the occasional blinking action and the best I could come up was with some sort of breeze activated shutters or rain activated tipping cups. I gave it up in favour of simplicity and cheapness. Far better to surround your victims with 15 pairs of baleful eyes than 5 pairs of blinking ones.
-- AusCan531, Oct 13 2013

What about some of those silvery colour-changing "hologram" security stickers ?
-- 8th of 7, Oct 14 2013

My mother in law says to use glowsticks inside toilet paper rolls, something she found on pinterest.
-- tatterdemalion, Oct 14 2013

// use glowsticks inside toilet paper rolls //

What for, exactly ? If it's something disgusting and depraved, we don't want to know, although [21Quest] probably does …
-- 8th of 7, Oct 14 2013

As I understand it, one cuts eye holes in the sides of the toilet paper tubes, inserts an activated glowstick, covers the ends with foil and hangs the assembly in a tree or sets in bushes at night. All of this creates the appearance of glowing eyes.

I've linked to what I believe is the pinterest in question.
-- tatterdemalion, Oct 14 2013

In Maine, where many people live right on the side of rural highways to save on the number of roads that have to be built, plowed in the winter, and then rebuilt in the spring, it has become a fad to 'encourage' people to slow down going through one's 'neighborhood' (i.e. a cluster of houses alongside a road posted 55 mph) by putting up a life-sized plywood silhouette of a deer with little reflective stickers made for bike helmets where the eyes would go.

Some of us are not at all impressed by this fad.

[21], quit being a pussy; you don't need a gun to deal with coyotes, you just wave your arms and shout "booga booga booga!"
-- Alterother, Oct 14 2013

Well, that's just natural selection. When human beings start forgetting who the apex predators are around here, it's time to thin out the gene pool.
-- Alterother, Oct 15 2013

// putting up a life-sized plywood silhouette of a deer

Do they create these themselves or can they be purchased at the local Home Depot? Perhaps there's someone in the county with a template everyone borrows.
-- tatterdemalion, Oct 15 2013

// stalking small children //

It's not all bad, then. Do they eat cats ?
-- 8th of 7, Oct 15 2013

Thanks for that [tatterdemalion]. I'm curious whether you had previously heard from your Mother-in-law about the glowing eyed toilet paper rolls or you discuss Halfbakery postings with her? Either way is interesting.
-- AusCan531, Oct 15 2013

Previously heard... it's been a matter of much discussion with Halloween approaching and your post brought it to mind.
-- tatterdemalion, Oct 15 2013

// Do they create these themselves or can they be purchased at the local Home Depot? Perhaps there's someone in the county with a template everyone borrows. //

As far as I'm aware they are created individually by thoughtless morons copying other thoughtless morons. If there is a central template distribution facility, my hatchet and I are going to have words with the management.
-- Alterother, Oct 15 2013

// they are created individually by thoughtless morons copying other thoughtless morons. //

Just like human reproduction, then ...
-- 8th of 7, Oct 15 2013

// As far as I'm aware they are created individually by thoughtless morons copying other thoughtless morons.

How is accuracy regards artistic and biological? I'm seeing the potential for some entertainingly malformed buck silhouettes.
-- tatterdemalion, Oct 15 2013

Given the noted (and disturbing) affection of the indigents for their domestic and domesticated animals, such a creation is less likely to be engineered as a speed deterrent and more likely to be the equivalent of a red lamp in a bordello's window …
-- 8th of 7, Oct 15 2013

In some parts of the East Anglia, there is a recent trend for placing lifesize painted plywood children* on the edge of the road at blind bends and humpback bridges, as a warning to motorists. There has been a responsive trend for mowing down these plywood simulacra. This will, inevitably, end with an embarrassing mistake.

[*the plywood children are clearly not modelled on locals, as they have the normal numbers of fingers and eyes and are smiling.]
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 15 2013

Halloween, while not celebrated much in Oz, was last night so I used the glowsticks in toilet rolls method and my kids at least, thought they looked cool when I suspended them in the bushes around our house. Didn't have any trick or treaters though.
-- AusCan531, Nov 01 2013

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