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Clothing For Formal Occasions That Can Withstand Daily Wear And Tear

dress clothing. eeeeeeerg. this stuff is a bane. however, with careful consideration, i have determined that the main problem with dress wear is that it is limiting in what you can do while wearing it.

for instance, your nice slacks won't stand up to kneeling to retrieve the spare tire from your car, and when you reach for the leatherman hanging from your belt, you find that it didn't match the nice clothing, and the pockets aren't big enough to carry it discreetly.

as a solution to this, i propose that dress clothing should be made out of materials that can withstand more wear than what is encountered entering and exiting your car.

materials such as nomex, and durable natural fibers should be used in conjunction, to provide a more supple look, while also providing some protection from inflammability.

in addition to the use of more durable materials, dress wear should also incorporate pockets of useful proportions. many are the current forms of dress wear that have faux pockets. these pockets are nothing more than sewn shut slits meant to resemble pockets and confound people who usually put their pockets to good use. if standard pocket placement interferes with the lines of the clothing, nonstandard pocket locations could be utilized, allowing for utility and the price of a bit of convenience.
-- tcarson, Jul 21 2006

I like it, as a pocket-addict! I usually wear "combat" or "cargo" trousers because i like the extra pocketage for all of my junk. For instance, I hate using back pockets and having to sit on all of your pocket contents continualy. Even side pockets can be uncomfortable when too full. Pockets placed on the side of the legs are perfect.
-- webfishrune, Jul 21 2006

One could more cheaply address the need for pockets by wearing boxers with large pockets.
-- bungston, Jul 21 2006

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