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No, not a remote control pillow

A new line of pillows with universal remotes built-in to them. The buttons of which are printed on the fabric and wired to a microprocessor in the center of the pillow. Both the electronics and batteries are in the center, so that they don’t bother you when you use the pillow.

Never lose the remote in the bedroom again.
-- evilpenguin, May 12 2008

similar idea, but the whole couch Remote_20Couchtrol
[xandram, May 13 2008]

I prefer your "a remote control pillow" idea...
-- Voice, May 13 2008

Hmmmm, use your multi-featured watch, dear, while I use my multifunctioned cellphone too.
-- rotary, May 13 2008

Whatever happened to finding inspiration from the pitfalls of ordinary life? plus
-- daseva, May 13 2008

[+] but I've lost pillows too.

Also, what keeps your face from changing the channel?
-- bneal27, May 13 2008

//what keeps your face from changing the channel// yea, nothing. in fact I was invisioning a model with large sections of the fabric being the channel buttons. You could use your head to surf...
-- evilpenguin, May 13 2008

Great, so the next time I'm dreaming of eating a giant marshmallow I can get electrocuted.
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, May 13 2008

I'm still trying to find a good use for a remote control pillow (not a remote control pillow).
-- FlyingToaster, May 13 2008





. (sing)

Send me the pillow that

______________you dream on

So I'll remote

_______________control you
-- rotary, May 14 2008

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