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Report a drunk without even reaching for your cell phone

As part of the MADD campaign to reduce drunk driving, manufacturers could easily create a small keychain device with a pushbutton and microphone. That keychain could interface with existing cellular and PCS sites nationwide, ringing up the local "Report a Drunk Driver" hotline with the press of a button. Simply press the button and snitch on the weaving maniac of your choice.

Of course, anonymity is a strong factor- most people do not report drunks simply because they don't feel like being a witness in court. With the MADD Remote Snitcher, you're just another anonymous snitch.. so long as they don't keep track of the ESN number.
-- Mr Burns, Jun 24 2002

Whatever happened to probable cause?
-- bookworm, Jun 24 2002

Bookworm: I've been pulled over, searched, breatholyzed and given the FST (field sobriety tests) before, simply because I drive a pickup truck in an area where the majority of drivers have Lexuses and Jaguars.. is that probable cause?
-- Mr Burns, Jun 24 2002

Why not use that wonderful invention the telephone? Or do you just want the government to give you shit for free?
-- pottedstu, Jun 26 2002

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