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The other day my lady and I prepared for a walk, and she donned her tight, highly supportive sports bra in anticipation.

Well, the walk never happened, and we found ourselves lounging on the couches.

Not a bad thing, but she was over-amored for the occasion, and she wound up having to remove the supportive device in the name of comfort.

Not that I'm complaining, I enjoyed the show.

But in the interest of halfbaking, we agreed that it would have been convenient to be able to relax the garment without having to remove it.

And with a fairly broad range of adjustment capability as well, to be able to compensate for the extremely restrictive nature of the sports bra.

Remote control adjustments for tightening or loosening the tension between the breasts, over the shoulders, across the back would be relatively easy to develop. Cup size modifiers would require fabrics with interwoven panels.
-- normzone, Mar 25 2008

shameless self-promotion Smartass
your idea is possibe. muscel wires.... read my similar idea [evilpenguin, Mar 26 2008]

Remote Control Bra http://scottround.e...trol_Bra_Adult_Toys
"It can librate just control by on-off, make woman's breast last movely effect" [Ander, Apr 03 2008]

...and a video of it in action (not for the fainthearted)
[Ander, Apr 03 2008]

gesundheit! http://i99.photobuc...rig_16121494895.gif
this one seems to be sneeze-released [jaksplat, Apr 04 2008]

[2fries] ! Is this what you were referring to? Magna-Bra
[normzone, Apr 05 2008]

Nope. This one [norm] Mesh_20Bra_20Air_20Dryers
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Apr 05 2008]

//she was over-amored for the occasion// Sp.: "over-amorous"
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 25 2008

I thought he meant over-armored.
-- jaksplat, Mar 26 2008

Wow, I'm so proud of that misspelling, that's the best I could have ever done. Thank you for your interpretation.
-- normzone, Mar 26 2008

or over-enamoured.

By 'remote control' do you mean a seperate wireless device or just a slider or something in a more accessible place, like you have with curtains?

Actually, a bra that opened like curtains when you pull a string at the side would be great. They should say 'Ta da' aswell.
-- marklar, Mar 26 2008

+ I would use this as I sometimes fall asleep fully clothed. It would make it easier to undress whilst half asleep!
-- xandram, Mar 26 2008

Adjustable bras are already on the market, designed to let their wearers go from demure in the office to, um, busting out all over at the bar.

Extending the range to sports bra standards should not be difficult, but why would you want to wear the same sweaty bra for working out and making out? Especially when simply removing the bra is more appropriate to the setting?
-- DrCurry, Mar 26 2008

[xandram], "seperate wireless device" is what I have in mind. I'll have to add another gadget to produce the "Ta Da".

[Dr Curry], perhaps a "release all and discard" option would be a good thing. I don't imagine I'll get to use explosive bolts, though.
-- normzone, Mar 26 2008

The first image that popped into my head upon reading this idea was of my downhill ski boots, with all of the various tensioning devices festooning a shiny plastic carapace.

While the sci-fi warrior-chick look appeals to me and, BION, my wife as well, I fear that it may not catch on with the feminine mainstream...
-- Alterother, Mar 26 2008

perception matters

women might like an athletic garment that creates adjustable comfort across a variety of swing planes yet very much appreciate an immediate braless option they'd not bother to go with
-- beanangel, Mar 27 2008

"Maybe a wire winch in the braw could be manually tightened or loosened by a wrench." No spelling mistakes or puns in that statement, phew!

All right, I can't contain myself: Maybe the wrench could be called a "Wenches' Winch Wrench" for marketing purposes, kind of like calling men's undershirts a "Wife Beater".
-- quantum_flux, Mar 29 2008

+, as long as I get to control the remote.
-- bneal27, Mar 29 2008

waiter: I'm sorry ma'am, but there are no tables available for half an hour...

(woman turns around nonchalantly and hits the 'pirate wench' mode)...what about NOW??!!?
-- drummac88, Apr 01 2008

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