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Why not?

Places all over the world have had to come up with more and more ways of disarming weapons from dangerous criminals/hijackers. At strategic places in the airport would be GIGANTIC ELECTRO MAGNETS. These would be placed near places where a typical psycho (is there such thing as a typical psycho? An oxymoron, maybe...) would loose shots if he/she were to get caught with any form of weaponry and were threatening people. With one flip of a switch, all the loose change, car keys, additional knives, handguns, etc were set against him/her. The electromagnets fallabities would probably lie with 'innocent' (despite the fact that everyone is guilty of something - thanks to terry pratchett for that one!) people who are carrying immense amounts of change, or if they had little metal gadgets imbedded in them.

Oh yes, just for my personal entertainment, these electro-magnets would be powered by solar/wind panels/windwheels.
-- froglet, Mar 31 2005

[moomintroll]? http://www.dagblade.../02/05/piercing.JPG
[Worldgineer, Apr 01 2005]

I tried to find an image from one of the Airplane! movies where an airplane crashes through a terminal. Or at least that scene in Top Secret where the electomagnet pulls a submarine from the ocean. There's just nothing good on the Internet.
-- Worldgineer, Mar 31 2005

I wonder what it might do with the metal plate in my head?
-- riromero, Mar 31 2005

Or the hard-drive in my laptop.
-- zen_tom, Mar 31 2005

Did they ever manage to make plastic guns? Or ceramic ones? Or just non- paramagnetic guns? (Bronze or something?).
-- Basepair, Mar 31 2005

The Geneva Accords prohibit the use of any kind of ammunition other than 'full metal jacket'. This may or may not be pertinent to the discussion, I just thought i'd lob the verbal grenade in there....
-- ConsulFlaminicus, Apr 01 2005

Ever have an MRI? I have. Before you can get one you have to answer a questionaire about, amongst other things, whether you have ever worked in a machine shop.

I thought that that was an odd question and so I asked the technician why that was an issue. She told me that people who've worked in machine shops very commonly have small metal chips that have worked their way deeply into the interiors of their eyes and that the MRI will extract those chips instantly.
-- bristolz, Apr 01 2005

...or push them in further, perhaps.

I don't see how this makes any more sense than a mounted machinegun, and you couldn't place one of those everywhere either.
-- david_scothern, Apr 01 2005

So, the metal bits start flying about, taking out half of the crowd that happens to be near the psycho, as well as any airplane instruments nearby? Sorry, bad idea.
-- RayfordSteele, Apr 01 2005

I'm not sure that there is record of a hijacker trying to take over an airport yet, so I think this is pointless. The reason you have security check is to make sure your dont take anything onto a plane. That being said, I think whoever it was (I think Kennedy) who said "we have nothing to fear but fear itself" was dead on. The biggest weapon against terrorism is to not be afraid.
-- energy guy, Apr 01 2005

(following [bz] and [half] off topic) I once had an internship analyzing industrial systems for efficiency, and we had an assignment at a hospital. Asking a technician about the power demand and energy consumption of their MRI, we realized he didn't know what we were talking about. Foolishly, I asked if I could just go in and read the nameplate data. He took one look at my eyebrow ring and laughed.
-- Worldgineer, Apr 01 2005

I never did understand why blood, with all that iron, wasn't affected by MRI.
-- AbsintheWithoutLeave, Apr 01 2005

<Did they ever manage to make plastic guns? > Yes [basepair] they have, even from bone (no no my shoulder allways looks like that on xray)

[Bristolz] that stuff about the MRI is really interesting.
-- zeno, Apr 01 2005

AWOL: Presumably it's because the blood has iron compounds in it rather than in it's pure form.
-- st3f, Apr 01 2005

My God, I can never have an MRI. I'd never have guessed.
-- moomintroll, Apr 01 2005

Isn't this just the existing security line technique, as baked by Wile E. Coyote (super genius)?
-- krelnik, Apr 01 2005

bun if it will remove old men's wigs in a comical fashion with accompanying whizzing sound.
-- benfrost, Apr 02 2005

Now I'm afraid to get an MRI because I might have metal shavings in my eye.

Anyhow, why not have the magnet on the cieling instead of on the wall then? That way the gun would fly upwards and it wouldn't knock innocents out in its path to the magnet (and same with everything else that's metal).
-- quantum_flux, Nov 16 2007

That would be because the passers-by would be accelerated some way towards the ceiling by their personal metal, (whatever form that took) and then, as said metal got free of them (change ripping through pockets, etc.), they would do that Newton/apple thing at 9.8 m/s/s. This would add injury to insult (but might be fun to watch, I grant you).
-- pertinax, Nov 16 2007

Sure, the easiest way to find a needle in a haystack is to incinerate the haystack. The problem being: The covert will always concoct a strategy for their needles to mimic the hay.
-- 4whom, Nov 16 2007

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