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Deliver your own damn pizza!

Basically you rent a pizza hot bag from your favourite non-delivery pizza joint. They buy them in bulk and keep half (about) in the restaurant and the other half they rent to the public for whatever price they think would work. So you've rented your bag (they would have to keep a computer list of renters) and when you call up and order a pizza they also ask if you would like a hot bag to be ready for you (for a small fee).

When you arrive, having brought in your hot bag that you keep at home they exchange your cold bag for the one they have been heating up. Then you take your fresh hot bag and your hot pizza with you. This way, even if you live quite a distance from your favourite pizza place, you can have a hot pizza for still cheaper than paying for delivery. Or, alternately, if you decline their bag you can hook your bag that you have at home up to your wall socket and heat it up yourself therby using your own electricity and avoiding the pizza joints fee. Also handy for potlucks and such, you can heat up your bag and keep hot foods hot.

The way I figure it the extra hot bag fee they would charge could help cover the added electric costs and the place still wouldn't have to hire drivers (whom they have to pay)
-- PollyNo9, Nov 04 2005

Pizza hot bags http://www.vesture....0Service/index.html
What I am talking about, with a handy price at the bottom. [PollyNo9, Nov 04 2005]

Definitley, different business plans for different businesses. It would probably make more sense for businesses in high population areas to keep things just the way they are and not change anything. Not to mention the fact that some nights you just don't want to leave the house. In this situation delivery would still make the most sense. But for a business in a rural area that already doesn't deliver this would add some convienience for the customer.
-- PollyNo9, Nov 04 2005

What a pizza shop would deliver? That might very well catch on.
-- bristolz, Nov 04 2005

<Obligitary 'What I Thought This Said Anno'> So not rent your own hot dog? </OBWITTSA>.
-- hidden truths, Nov 04 2005

In the long run aren't all hot dogs merely rented?
-- PollyNo9, Nov 04 2005

The nice thing about this business model is the hidden ingrown development of repeat business. It's like the video store. Go, pick out a video, watch, return, and get another one at the same store without shopping around.
-- RayfordSteele, Nov 05 2005

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