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Rescue Dogs of the Suez Canal   (+20, -1)  [vote for, against]
A tribute to these wonderful animals!

Few sights are as breathtaking as that of the glorious Suez Canal rescue dog in the act of rescuing a fallen sailor or dockworker. These hardy animals have a long and proud history going back to the very creation of the canal. With their Cadmium Yellow collars and rescue bundle holders these dogs cut a striking form against the desert sands. Trained from birth to carry out their critical mission these dogs are are a study in both duty and love though many feel their training is harsh. At six weeks of age these dogs are fitted with their first traditional "fagloat" or bundle of twigs which hang under their collars(and is used as a Float by the struggling sailor). As the dogs age they are slowly fitted with larger bundles until they can carry a full size Fagloat while running and swimming. Ear mites are used by their handlers to ensure that poisonous insects do not nest in the fagloat(the constant shaking of the head and scratching causes the insects to fall off). At the age of 5 months a period of intensive training is begun utilizing rabbits as an unlikely training partner. It has been found that the sound of rabbits eating Celery closely resembles the sound of a struggling swimmer, so by training the dogs to respond to this sound on land the handler can readily train them once they begin swimming. Upon completion of their training the dogs are tested in a real situation, and upon successful rescue of their first victims the dogs collars are painted cadmium yellow to signify their achievements.

Like their Saint Bernard cousins the Rescue Dogs of the Suez Canal are a unique and special part of our cultural heritage.
-- jhomrighaus, Jan 11 2007

your best and most excellent work ! +
-- xenzag, Jan 11 2007

I think this idea deserves to be brought to the front of the class again. I'm sorry I have only one croissant that's already been given.
-- xenzag, Jan 20 2007

I appreciate that these dogs may well be worthy of praise, but is this really the place to do it? There doesn't seem to be much of an idea or invention here.
-- jtp, Jan 20 2007

//It has been found that the sound of rabbits eating Celery closely resembles the sound of a struggling swimmer// +

<whisper> [jtp], you know the dogs don't exist yet? </whisper>
-- imaginality, Jan 20 2007

<Fuckwit> Oh... </Fw>
-- jtp, Jan 20 2007

This one is a doozy. Rabbits eating Celery? Thanks for bringing it back up, [xenzag].
-- bungston, Jan 20 2007

[jtp] I went round the same loop, for a brief minute.
-- david_scothern, Jan 20 2007

this actually originated from a challenge someone I cant recall issued to i believe Acurafan as a way to get him to think outside the box. The challenge stuck in my head and this is what I came up with. The idea was deleted a while a ago so I don't remember who posted the Anno.
-- jhomrighaus, Jan 20 2007

"fagloat" Bun from me for making up a new word that seemed so right that I Googled for it. It is one of a kind.
-- baconbrain, Aug 06 2007

Crunch, splash, woof. [+++]
-- wagster, Aug 06 2007

Thanks guys I had totally forgotten about this one.

As mentioned this came from a challenge that was to create an idea that tied together a list of items including; the Suez canal, a bundle of sticks, cadmium yellow paint, the sound of a rabbit eating celery and a box of earmites.

The challenge was issued to someone else but I couldn't resist taking a stab at it.
-- jhomrighaus, Aug 06 2007

I gave you a bun, but now it's bugging me! Now you have 17 buns and I absolutely hate the number 17! Somebody bun him again!
-- twitch, Aug 08 2007

Just for you twitch. And, well, for the idea as well. In case I'm ever on the Suez, I'd like to know there's something there to save me should I begin to drown.
-- Noexit, Aug 09 2007

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