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A restaurant with glass compartments where decoration stuff etc. are exhibited for sale.

For a while, restaurants with all kinds of interesting items exhibited on the wall were pretty popular, such as Hard Rock Cafe, Planet Holywood, Buca di Beppo. The best doing business recently is di Beppo from what I know, with its incredibly cozy interiors. Hard Rock Cafe was full of really cool items, but food was ehh Burger King on a plate to me to be honest. Anyway HRC has a lot to sell in auction from going bankkrupt. So, the idea is to put these fancy items next to the tables on the wall and sell them there. There could be jewelries, autographed jerseys, home decoration stuff, or pretty much anything you'd see in the SkyMall magazine. This way we hit two birds with one stone. Decoration of the restaurant comes for free, and we create a whole new income source for the restaurant. Also, many times people like to look around during eating and talk about the stuff on the walls. So the restaurant would be much more interesting too. Would you like fries with that ring?
-- xkuntay, Feb 07 2009

I know quite a few restaurants that have decorative items for sale on the wall. Mostly paintings and other artwork, but it is quite common in locally owned coffee shops and restaurants to exhibit the work of local artists.
-- MechE, Feb 08 2009

There used to be a restaurant in Sprague River, Oregon (middle of nowhere) called the [sic] Awnry Mare (bad spelling is a fixture of local society) where all its decorations (crap made by local yokels and some decent paintings by one talented person) could be bought, priced as marked. The stuff was pretty overpriced so it didn't move too quickly, which helped with the "decoration" part of it. That's hardly "widely known to exist", I know.
-- Spacecoyote, Feb 08 2009

I've not been to a Hard Rock Cafe that didn't have at least some items for sale.
-- phoenix, Feb 08 2009

Ditto MechE and spacecoyote - in the UK there are many gastro-pubs, local pubs and cafeteria, particularly in tourist areas, that sell both local arts and crafts. Pretty wodely known to exist I would say but not necessarily as extensive a range as the author is suggesting.
-- gnomethang, Feb 08 2009

Squeeze a restaurant and a shop together under high enough heat and pressure, and boom! But how do you stop the resultant plasma from upsetting the customers?
-- zen_tom, Feb 08 2009

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