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makes driving for ladies easier

ladies, enjoy the feeling of walking in high heels? hate having to change them when preparing to drive? Try the retractable high heel shoe!(need a better name) Using a simple yet complicated steel rod system the heel can be clicked and retracted when driving is neccessary using a descreet button. (try not to accidentally find this button whilst walking)
-- Yosarian, Jun 06 2003

Removable Heel Tap
"Fill Them with Anything You Want to Match Your Outfit" [phoenix, Oct 04 2004]

So, is the steel rod the heel on a hinge, or is it retracted by a steel rod? How does the simple, yet complicated system work?
-- Cedar Park, Jun 06 2003

New game for little boys - see if you can activate this "simple yet complicated" mechanism by throwing stones at button whilst high-heeled lady is walking along to see her being launched backwards.

Also handy for supermarkets - can't reach what's on the top shelf, sprerloing, instant 2 inches extra on height.
-- PeterSilly, Jun 06 2003

would be simpler if they just screwed off
-- po, Jun 06 2003

I often think things would be simpler if everyone screwed off, but I try to tolerate them instead.
-- -alx, Jun 06 2003

some kind of automated power screw? that would work at the touch of a button? excellent! or as mentioned possible extedy rods for high shelves or even replacable alternate heels for the fashion conscience. these could include all sorts of gizmos
-- Yosarian, Jun 06 2003

And where exactly do these retractable heels retract to when they're retracted?
-- egbert, Jun 06 2003

<Tut>, silly old me!
-- egbert, Jun 06 2003

Reading this, I just had an X-men flashback.

"Does it hurt when they come out like that?"
"Every time."
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jun 06 2003

//And where exactly do these retractable heels retract to when they're retracted?//

Perhaps they could telescope, like some of those fancy camera lenses you see.
-- snarfyguy, Jun 06 2003

If the bottom of the shoes were thick enough, they could retract into a slot with a hinge. Would have to have some sort of locking device, like on a snowboard binding, to keep it from collapsing whilst walking.
-- goober, Jun 06 2003

I have seen these on Ally McBeal. I have searched for a link, but it was all in vain (sigh).

This would be better if you could shoe-horn a compressor and ram in. Ladies could leap over tall buildings with a flying bound then. (+)
-- silverstormer, Jun 11 2003

Saw them on Ally McBeal also. They were triggered by a remote control unit.
-- waugsqueke, Jun 11 2003

I hate high heels. I hate what they do to my fine oak floors. So I’ve got a crew of sweaty guys out in front of my house right now, replacing my expensive brick walkway with a cheap metal grate. That way, high heels get caught in the gaps and break off. It’s a high heel to flat heel converter. <rubbing palms together at the thought> And, oh, I’ve also increased the coverage on my personal liability policy.
-- pluterday, Jun 12 2003

(formally Yosarian) the heels are constructed by a weave of thin steel rods that can flex and contract sort of like a set of chinese finger cuffs. I have noticed that these flex and contract well. Once locked into position these would be quite rigid providing enough support for the average human woman.
-- Yosarian, Jun 13 2003

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