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Retractable rear-of-car carpet   (+14, -1)  [vote for, against]
"What's this button for? - Autorückseiteteppich?!"

At the press of a buttton, this small carpet drops down from the back of your car and unrolls, allowing you somewhere to stand in your socks while changing out of your muddy walking boots and into your 'car shoes'. Put your boots into the back of the car, press the button again, and it retracts into the bumper.
-- hippo, Jun 07 2006

Much needed! +
-- pertinax, Jun 07 2006

What [pertinax] said! +
-- kmlabs, Jun 07 2006


-- squeak, Jun 07 2006

yes +
-- xandram, Jun 07 2006

i suggest walls that go up at the same time so that you could cahnge from muddy clothing too.
-- tcarson, Jun 07 2006

[tcarson] Don't be such a prude. Revel in your nakedness!
-- danpat, Jun 07 2006

Revel in nakedness, but in shoes - gravel hurts bare feet!
-- elhigh, Jun 07 2006

You are standing *on* the Autorückseiteteppich [elhigh]. Your feet will not hurt.
-- methinksnot, Jun 07 2006

Hmph! It's 2009 and this is still the only Google hit for "Autorückseiteteppich" - don't car manufacturers read this site?
-- hippo, Sep 15 2009

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