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The world's deadliest assault team

People didn't really like my idea in "Bunker Buster 2", however, they did give me a great idea: bunkernauts. Anyone seen that aweful movie "The Core" with Terranauts. No, bunkernauts are not like that. Rather, they enter the bunkers of enemy forces through special bunker-buster shells. How do they avoid being turned into soup from the impact? Easy, DuPont develops a special polyheasic custard that allows an inner capsule containing the deadly assault team to be cushioned from the Mach 2-0 mph stop. But it gets better. Each bunker they capture is turned into a special wild-life preserve. Why? Well, they so they can raise all sorts of near-extinct animals in the safest places in the world, and only the bunkernauts can get to them! PETA and GreenPeace are already ordering...
-- benlevi7, Jan 05 2004

Idea might best reside in Culture:Television
-- Letsbuildafort, Jan 05 2004

Mmmmm... polyheasic custard.

BTW, according to the ST:TNG designers, high acceleration turns people into "chunky salsa", not soup.
-- GenYus, Jan 05 2004

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