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Ribcage Generator   (+1)  [vote for, against]
Wire pacemaker to rechage off piezo generator between ribs

Similar to a chest band generator but installed with the pacemaker to utilize the rib movement caused by breathing to generate electricity to recharge the pacemaker.
-- MisterQED, Jun 01 2009

Ahh, now we're firing on all cylinders with this body-powered generating idea. I rather like this idea better than my own, as it shouldn't involve as much going-in-through-the-uterus action.

To what do you propose to attach it though? solid objects going through muscle tissue (most movement) would likely be painful. Attaching it to ribs might be a problem as well, since bones tend to restructure after long periods. Small details I suppose though.
-- ye_river_xiv, Jun 02 2009

Clearly, this type of thing could be fully noninvasive. Just some sort of body suit.
-- daseva, Jun 02 2009

As for attaching it, couldn't it NOT be? I.e Just loop the ends around two ribs? My anatomical knowledge is limited, but the ribcage has to move to allow the lungs to expand, piezoelectric generators need very little movement to create power and this purpose needs very little power to operate, so even flexion could be harnessed if the loop points were placed correctly.

//made non-invasive// Yes and no. My original idea was an external chest band so that the generator was non-invasive, but then you need direct, capacitive or inductive coupling through the skin to get power to the device. So I revised to place all the components inside as you are already going in to install the pacemaker, you might as well spend a couple more minutes so the thing never looses power. Alternately this could be installed arthroscopically, though I don't think a pacemaker could.
-- MisterQED, Jun 02 2009

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