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Rice Paper Finger Thimbles   (+26, -1)  [vote for, against]
For Cheezies and the like.

Included in each bag of Cheezies or other sticky/stain inducing snacks would be a number of thimbles made of rice paper.

Put them on and eat away, when you need to use the remote or answer the phone, just eat 'em.
-- Giblet, Jun 12 2007

Brilliant! Except I would feed mine to the dog at the end.
-- Galbinus_Caeli, Jun 12 2007

You could also toss them back in the bag and reuse them later.

My cat would probably look at me funny if I gave them to him, then proceed to eat them in a profoundly uncatlike way.
-- Giblet, Jun 12 2007

+ This is so simple, yet so amazing!
-- xandram, Jun 13 2007

I used to eat cheezies at work with a fork to avoid the dreaded intergalactic-orange contamination. Surely my co-workers would have laughed half as much if I'd had these babies. +
-- fancypants, Jun 20 2007

Great idea, and it would prevent waking up with an orange penis after a night alone with a porno and big bag of cheezies.
-- garyspare2, Jun 20 2007

Ewww. I'm not coming round to yours for a quiet night in.
-- wagster, Jun 20 2007

i generally find this stuff in the couch on saturday mornings after cartoon hour.
-- abhorsen1983, Jun 21 2007

Congratulations on a 2.5bun winner! I knew this was really a great and marketable idea when I first read it.
-- xandram, Jun 21 2007

Rice fills up thimbles
Paper cuts finger (ow! paper cut!)
Finger picks riceplant
Thimble thwarts paper cut
-- hippo, Jun 21 2007

Save the cheesed-up thimbles in their own baggie, for desperate noshing later.
-- Grumbleshark, Jun 21 2007

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