Product: Straw
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Annoyed at those ellusive last few grains of rice?

A simple design that allows the user to eat those tricky last few grains of rice with ease. A straw like implement is held in one hand and one end is sucked while tother end hovers over the intended morsel. A slight flaring at the sucking end prevents rice from painfully slaming into the roof of the mouth/throat by slowing the food down slightly. Minutes of unnecessary rice chasing would be saved with this simple and inexpensive device.
-- Yosarian, Jun 18 2003

hollow chop sticks?
-- po, Jun 18 2003

Or cook sticky rice with some iron filings and use magnetic chopsticks.

I would suggest picking up your bowl and shovelling the rice in with the sticks, rather than trying to pluck the grains up. (+ anyway)
-- Jinbish, Jun 18 2003

's what the natives do.
-- thumbwax, Jun 18 2003

I don't see how this "flaring" is gonna prevent you from inhaling rice.
-- snarfyguy, Jun 18 2003

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