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Ringtone Earring   (+11, -1)  [vote for, against]
Available in both pierced and clip-on

Lately I've seen a lot of people sporting the new ear-remotes for their sound-and-data devices.

This first generation of that technology is over-large and unattractive, but people insist on wearing it for various reasons.

But that's got nothing to do with this idea.

The Ringtone Earring simply delivers a very quiet ringtone to the vicinity of the ear. This saves the rest of the people in the area from listening to the overly loud tone.
-- normzone, Aug 07 2007

The impetus Ring_2bVibrate
though not the inspiration [normzone, Aug 07 2007]

I new I'd seen this before http://www.bluetomo...nt/section/304/425/
Fully-in-ear headset [neutrinos_shadow, Aug 16 2007]

[+], but I don't think it would catch on. How many people would buy a device purely for the convenience of others?
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 07 2007

Call me old-fashioned. I end my conversation and put my cellphone away before entering a restaurant.

As to how many people, probably not many, unless the current trend were reversed and making efforts not to disturb those around you needlessly became fashionable.
-- normzone, Aug 08 2007

100% possible, and so many people would buy it. Bluetooth technology works on actual IC's at the chip level. All that needs to be done is a custom chip that could be mounted to the earing, with a small battery. Some kind of pizeoelectric (rod?) speaker.

They already have external ring devices about the size of a small pager. There is a market for ring alert devices, and they will get smaller. I see this actually being built by some company if it hasn't already.
-- evilpenguin, Aug 08 2007

+ very polite idea.
-- xandram, Aug 08 2007

+ for a good idea. I'd like to also make the pin expand painfully if your voice becomes unnaturally loud whist the mobile is currently in a call.
-- vincevincevince, Aug 08 2007

Within clip-on diamante skull-and-bones earring please.
-- wagster, Aug 08 2007

Nice one [normzone]. [+]

I'm with you on the ending conversations on mobiles before entering restaurants and bars etc. Same with text messages. How rude is it to be in mid-conversation only to whip out your phone and start replying to someone's text? I do get in trouble with women however, as I usually forget they asked me something and then they get in a strop when I don't reply. (not sexist, just never encountered men getting upset when I haven't called them back)
-- theleopard, Aug 08 2007

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