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Many phones today are combined with music players. It's safe to say that almost everyone who has a cell phone/ music player has music ringtones. I personally find it strange to pay $3 for 20 seconds of a song that can only be used as a ringtone. I propose a ringtone randomizer that selects a song from your playlist at random and sets a random stretch of time as the ringtone. You get a unique ringtone every time and without the hassle of spending money for one ringtone every time you want to change it.

Note: this is not recommended if you only have one song in your playlist.
-- acurafan07, Nov 23 2007

I love this idea so much I want to date it, take it home to meet Mom, marry it and have lots of children with it. I'd give this idea a kidney. As it is just an idea, I'll give it a bun instead.
-- Noexit, Nov 23 2007

I'm sure there could be a way to select songs that it can't use. You could also make it vibrate too to know it's yours.
-- acurafan07, Nov 24 2007

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