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Rock-Hard Hot Alarm Pillow   (+7, -2)  [vote for, against]
Cruddy name, I know - it was that or "Uncomftapillow"

There are plenty of hand warmers around these days where you click a disc and the gel stuff inside goes hard and heats up. I have no idea how it works, it’s something to do with the solution crystallising in an exothermic process. Not sure what the disc does though to start this off…

If you filled a pillow with this stuff and affixed a timer, at the allotted time in the morning your pillow would instantly go rock hard and very hot – I don’t know about you but this would wake me up pretty quickly.

Someone with more knowledge of chemistry than me would then presumably be able to offer an alternative which didn’t get hot, which may be a bit safer…

And yes I know that alarm clocks already exist, but some people (like me) sleep through them unless they’re very loud – which annoys my wife greatly if she doesn’t need to get up at the same time as me.
-- kmlabs, Sep 14 2005

Hand Warmers... http://www.firebox....ion=product&pid=288
...make ideal presents, apparently. [kmlabs, Sep 14 2005]

I suppose this could be done with an electric heating pad and pneumatics. Just have an air pillow with a brick inside. Heat up the outside of the air pillow after the alarm goes off, and if that doesn't work then release the air.
-- Worldgineer, Sep 14 2005

Quick drying cement and a water pump on a timer, if that doesn't wake you up.... what World said.
-- skinflaps, Sep 14 2005

nothing like chemical burns to the face first thing in the morning.
-- schmendrick, Sep 14 2005

[schmendrick] Hmmm. I, personally, love smell of napalm in the morning.

[kmlabs]Perhaps if it exploded, too? That'd get you up, and dousing your singed bonce?

Definitely bun material, tho.
-- Dub, Sep 14 2005

I have a pillow made of that space-age thermo-foam material. Sinced its resiliance is related to its temperature,sometimes when I go camping in the mountains, it will get too cold and become too hard.

If a pillow was made of this material, a quick blast of CO2 would harden the pillow, not to mention freeze most of your head.
-- discontinuuity, Sep 15 2005

Maybe if we can't find a chemical that stays cool while it crystallises we could look into thermally insulated pillowcases so that we don't cook/roast/blister/etc when we sleep through.

I think it'd be hard to sleep through though (no pun intended) - my pillow is generally quite lumpy and uncomfortable once I wake up of a morning; if it was rock hard I'm sure it would wake me before my alarm clock (okay, wife) does.
-- kmlabs, Sep 15 2005

I'm afraid you get fish for this one. The main problem I have with my mornings is that the bed is warm and the room is cold, this would just make things worse.
-- wagster, Sep 15 2005

'delayed-action starch'. Now, mind you I was going to vote + for the Idea _already_.
-- reensure, Sep 15 2005

//...delayed action starch, which I have yet to invent...//

hehe - if this wasn't my idea I'd bun it just for that line!
-- kmlabs, Sep 15 2005

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