Product: Shredder
Rodent-based shredder   (+23)  [vote for, against]

This shredder is a box, with a slot in the top, to insert papers to be shredded, and rodents inside with supplies of food and drink but, crucially, no nesting material. Different sized rodents can be used to achieve coarser or finer shredding.
-- hippo, Apr 26 2005

(?) If you'd cloned this fella Nixon could have gotten away with it. http://www.independ...tegory_desc=Science
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Apr 27 2005]

hamster powered shredder http://www.tomballh...amstershredder.html
as mentioned in the annos [bleh, Sep 25 2007]

"Bioshredder." Kerplus! [+]
-- contracts, Apr 26 2005

where's me wheel?

hippo is a genius or quite mad - take your pick!
-- po, Apr 26 2005

Get Rats to work?
-- The Kat, Apr 26 2005

I like hippo the thinker more than hippo the deleter. +
-- FarmerJohn, Apr 26 2005

Shredded paper and ....what's left in the bottom of the bin here... Yum.... HEY!!!! These aren't chocolate Rice Krispies!!!
-- Cedar Park, Apr 27 2005

[UB] Fierce primates are a nice idea - they'd certainly add to the security of the solution.
-- hippo, Apr 27 2005

catchy phrase of the day "love making nests"
-- dentworth, Apr 27 2005

And I was thinking that this would be an exercise wheel that powered a shredder. Hey... either's good.
-- st3f, Apr 27 2005

Any volunteers to empty it when it gets full? +++++
-- blissmiss, Apr 27 2005

When full, empty the whole thing into a tree-limb shredder. Compost it all.
-- sophocles, Apr 28 2005

No. Pet stores make much of their money on selling four-legged living things to owners of snakes.

How bout we donate them, and get fresh ones, monthly? The newer ones would shred faster, better, and neater, I just bet cha.

I know, being retired early is a bitch, but if it helps keep the shredding industry working, at it's might help. (Severance package, etc).
-- blissmiss, Apr 28 2005

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