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Somebody had to do it

Roflwaffles are a WIBNI Megacorp(tm) food item hot off the press.

These Waffles are two centimetres across and printed in the letters/pictograms of any mainstream language and distributed in packets with various quantities inside. The main difference of these waffles to other similar products is that they are pre-packaged ready to eat to cater more for today’s fast food society.

Taste wise they are the same as normal (sweetened) waffles and the marketing campaign is targeted at children and internet users.
-- xxobot, Mar 18 2010

Give a dog a bun http://en.wikipedia.../wiki/Rowlf_the_Dog
[Jinbish, Mar 18 2010]

These are awful waffles.
-- rcarty, Mar 18 2010

I coudn't think of any other idea to go with the name of short of adding hallucinogens to them.
-- xxobot, Mar 18 2010

huh, interesting [+] name sucks [-]... [ ]
-- FlyingToaster, Mar 18 2010

is this to play roflwaffle scrabble?
-- po, Mar 18 2010

The opposite of what [FlyingToaster] said.
-- wagster, Mar 18 2010

I want them airdropped from a roflcopter, or served by a waitress wearing lollerskates.
-- AutoMcDonough, Mar 18 2010

Why would anyone want a waffle that had been on the floor?
-- zen_tom, Mar 18 2010

//the opposite// toss a bunch of pre-cooked bite-sized waffles in a bowl, nuke, add butter/syrup/bacon .... what's not to like ?
-- FlyingToaster, Mar 20 2010

//what's not to like// Soggy, that's what. The whole point of waffles is the carefully engineered surface to volume ratio, giving just the right balance of crispy outside to delicately soft interior. If you microwave them, you might as well be eating Wonder Bread. Philistine. I bet you don't even use real maple syrup.
-- mouseposture, Mar 20 2010

//you might as well be eating Wonder Bread// now *them's* fightin' words... possible point about the soggy, the wafflettes would have to start off a bit more cripsy than usual.
-- FlyingToaster, Mar 20 2010

HowAffle. [-]
-- csea, Mar 21 2010

//anyone want a waffle that had been on the floor?//

"Why would" Omitted. That's better.
-- skinflaps, Mar 21 2010

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