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...the venetian way.

Take venetian blinds and wear them. Go ahead. Don't feel silly. Now doesn't that feel nice?

Now imagine if you had venetian sleeves. Release the catch at the end of the sleeve, tighten up an adjustable bra-strap style string, and your sleeves roll up like blinds. Then set the catch again to lock the blinds in place. Hike up your skirt with ease, ladies and transgents. Or roll up your pants- this could potentially make ankle wading at the beach a cinch. Meanwhile, your clothing item sort of looks like venetian blinds. They would have a folded appearance, but would be flatter than a standard venetian blind system that goes on a window.

Also try shopping in the wearable mini-blinds section, where all the products are outfitted with small and smooth plastic or rubber mini-blinds (to be easy on the skin) in the sleeves and legs and stomach areas (wherever they belong) so that the user can let a little air in once in a while. Particularly effective for men's underwear.
-- polartomato, Sep 13 2002

I quite like this one it makes me wonder what you doing at the time that made you think of it..looking out the window..struggling with rolling up a item of clothing..both at once perhaps ? I know you can get pants that do it but with a flap and button.. wonder if i can get one for my skin?

anyroad +1
-- skinflaps, Sep 13 2002

I was looking out the window, and grumbling to myself about how rapidly the temperature changes when the A/C comes on, and then complaining to myself about always having to roll up my sleeves or put something on, and then whining about how rolling up your sleeves stretches out the little cuffs on your sweatshirts, and how futile rolling up your pants usually is, and how cool venetian blinds look.....

As for venetian skinflaps, I suppose it would be cool if a plastic surgeon could arrange for skin flaps you could pull over yourself when you need to, maybe a venetian foreskin... oh dear. I am also reminded of those people out there whose skin is so elastic that they can stretch it several inches and have it retract to its original position.
-- polartomato, Sep 13 2002

-- skinflaps, Sep 13 2002

// rubber mini-blinds ....... Particularly effective for men's underwear //

Not in this man's town, buddy. Get back on the horse you rode in on, and git, if you posterior isn't rubbed raw by your ridged rubber string operated boxer shorts, you twisted little pervert. And put the leather gimp mask back on - your're frigthening the children.

Looking at this makes me wonder why there's no category for Fashion:Fetish. Not that I would ever post anything there, you understand ........
-- 8th of 7, Sep 13 2002

Before I read the idea, I thought this would be the storage of a bacon roll (nominal filling) in the folds of ones sleeves. Much like you see movie criminals with cigarette packets.
-- Jinbish, Sep 13 2002

Jesus, 8th of 7, what are you eating for breakfast? You're on fire, mate.
-- General Washington, Sep 13 2002

Must have been that extra helping of curried baked bean omlette with onions and chillis that's done it ...
-- 8th of 7, Sep 13 2002

8th: I wasn't planning to annotate this again, but I suggest that you read this idea over again. Really good. I didn't really intend this as a perverted idea. I hinted at some not-quite-wholesome possibilities, though. More as a method of venting areas of clothing that typically don't get enough air in hot and humid weather. And I never ever wear boxer shorts, with or without blinds, if you catch my drift. And anyway, the baseline idea was for a sleeve-rolling mechanism. Sheesh. What if I promised you the Venetian folds would deter cats from rubbing on your legs? Which gives me an idea for pants that brush your cat for you. Hee hee hee.

<Rubs lotion on posterior; mounts horse, er, hoss; closes the blinds; fixes mask; children run in fear; polaromato rides off into the sunset with a wry look on her face>
-- polartomato, Sep 14 2002

jinbish, thise cig packets tucked into the teeshirt arm is a common look with the lower class here in Australia. They are called "Marlboro Muscles".
-- pfperry, Sep 14 2002

Would they also rotate open like venetians?
-- RayfordSteele, Sep 14 2002

"On yer marks heave!!"
-- skinflaps, Sep 14 2002

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