Culture: Wedding or Divorce
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Make your special day just that little more special.

This is probably about as baked as it gets but how about offering commercially organised Roller Weddings. Imagine the Bride; Blushing, beautiful and kitted out with roller boots and kneepads. Image Granny; In her 80's having a whale of a time whizzing round like a maniac and taking out all the other guests, (Nostalgic too!). Imagine the Bridesmaids: Clinging on to the train desperately hoping that this nightmare will end soon! Imagine how difficult its going to be trying to get a Vicar/Preist/Preacher etc that can skate backwards! Naah! Silly idea. Bin it.
-- Ivy, May 08 2001

Women's Aggressive Skating Network http://www.xtremece...000/Spring2000b.htm
"She married another Team Rollerblade skater and after they said 'I Do' they both dropped into a vert ramp." [egnor, May 08 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Well, if you're gonna take the leap...
-- thumbwax, May 08 2001

Speaking of extreme weddings: The Middle Fork of the Salmon River (Idaho) is nicknamed "The River of No Return." I think it highly fitting that after a wedding the bride and groom set out on a whitewater raft trip down this river.

[Addendum: I don't mean it as a suicide trip at all; I have done the float with my wife and it is a wonderful river. It just has a highly symbolic nickname.]
-- Dog Ed, May 08 2001, last modified May 09 2001

PeterS, Bungee weddings, excellent idea. Trouble is how to get all of the congregation on the end of one bungee. Furthermore, will the old folk's tickers take it?
-- Ivy, May 09 2001

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