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The problem with window cleaner's cages that descend the sides of buildings is that they are not attached and can swing away dangerously. Rollersuckers can help, they are two wheels on either side of the cage fitted with suction cups to attach to the windows. The cage is thus secured to the building, yet still able to move up or down.
-- simonj, Jun 02 2009

Maybe avoid using on buildings with rough concrete and brick bits? just a thought
-- simonj, Jun 02 2009

Rather than traditional suckers, you could use a powered suction system that only kicked in when the undesired movement was detected. If the cage started to move too far away from the building, or started to swing dangerously then the suction kicks in. [+]
-- RattyBunyip, Jun 02 2009

But wouldn't these leave marks on the windows, thus defeating the purpose of the cleaning?
-- dbmag9, Jun 04 2009

No the marks are cleaned off by the cleaners as they descend.
-- simonj, Jun 05 2009

Hubcaps and plungers.
-- Honduras, Jun 05 2009

Actresses and bishops.
-- calum, Jun 05 2009

Instead of rollers, how about caterpillar tracks?
-- ldischler, Jun 05 2009

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