Product: Garbage Can
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Helps re-line household bins with plastic bags

Many people use plastic shopping bags or purchased garbage bags to line household bins. These bins consist of an airtight bucket which traps the air thus making it difficult to insert the plastic bags in a tidy, efficient manner. This is frustrating and reduces the cubic capacity of the plastic bag.

The RBS (not connected with the Royal Bank of Scotland) springloads the plastic bucket which sits within another bucket and has a one-way air-valve fitted. The user presses down the first bucket which forces air out from between the 2 buckets. The user then lines the bin bucket with the plastic bag and when finished, unlatches the bin bucket to pop back up into place. The resulting suction creates a form-fitted bin liner.
-- AusCan531, Dec 03 2015

Bin trauma avoidance
May avert [Max]'s problem [bhumphrys, Dec 03 2015]

Very lever, like it, but usually the main problem is finding the right bag for the rim of the bin. Change the rim to an approximation to universal fit.
-- wjt, Dec 03 2015

Could this device alleviate the problem of removing the full bag from the bin against the piston-like suction trying to hold it in?
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 03 2015

Press the bin downwards and the full binbag pops out like a champagne cork.
-- pocmloc, Dec 03 2015

'Life hacks beta', <Link>, offers advice.
-- bhumphrys, Dec 03 2015

Had the same problem. Solved problem by drilling a hole in the side of the garbage can.
-- evilpenguin, Dec 03 2015

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