Product: Television
Rubiks Dynamic Mosaic   (+8)  [vote for, against]

Get one million Rubiks cubes and arrange them in a square formation. Behind each cube place a contraption consisting of four push-rods which allow each cube to be turned and manipulated as needed. Add a computer to control the whole thing.

The RGB components of the cubes make up a giant tv screen (more like a dynamic mosaic actually) for public veiwing pleasure.

EDIT - title changed to avoid deletion
-- simonj, Jul 31 2008

ahem. rubik_20cube_20tv_2e
[po, Aug 01 2008]

cool +
-- xandram, Aug 01 2008

would it be visable from all four sides?
-- letstopsmoking, Aug 01 2008

Nice - but looks redundant to me and therefore [marked-for-deletion] - see po's earlier version. Sorry [simonj] happens to us all.
-- xenzag, Aug 01 2008

they're a bit dfferent aren't they? perhaps a change of title would be sufficient.
-- po, Aug 01 2008

[xenzag] not the same idea at all.
-- simonj, Aug 01 2008

[letstopsmoking] no, it's a flat square not a cube.
-- simonj, Aug 02 2008

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