Food: Alcohol
Rum in chewables   (+2)  [vote for, against]
It pretty much explains itself.

Basically, this is any beverage (in this case rum) to be fortified into a handy gel tablet. (I mean, they did this with Advil, now let's do something that actually does its job.)
-- croissantz, Aug 21 2004

beer jellybabies - I like to bite the head off!
-- po, Aug 21 2004

Something similar to this has been baked in "Lover Come Back," a hilarious romantic comedy starring Rock Hudson and Doris Day. In this case, the mints are called VIP, and each mint has as much alcohol as 3 martinis. Nobody is aware of the alcohol in the mints and people eat one of each color (6 in all). Hilarity ensues.
-- Machiavelli, Aug 21 2004

Well, you'd like the tablet to be tasty like, say, candy. So now you have rum- filled candies. Available at any gourmet shop.
-- bpilot, Aug 21 2004

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