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Safety Trebuchet   (+5, -2)  [vote for, against]
Foam based medieval play

Children love to build forts from our specially shaped foam padded blocks, but not as much as they like to bombard one another* from opposite sides of the garden with their foam padded, safety trebuchets!**

*with the supplied foam-padded ammunition.

**safety suits of foam-armour, swords, shields etc supplied separately...see [xandram]'s link below.
-- zen_tom, Dec 11 2006

Fort Sofa Fort Sofa
Really, it's an extension of this, and the idea linked below. [zen_tom, Dec 11 2006]

Cushion Trebuchet Cushion Trebuchet
Prior art. [zen_tom, Dec 11 2006]

You can advertise them here +
[xandram, Dec 11 2006]

I would play with this +
-- xenzag, Dec 11 2006

[21Q] Yes, the idea is obviously heavily influenced by [Monkfish] and [UnaBubba]'s Sofa Fort and accompanying Cushion Trebuchet - this is just an extension of that, but one that leads out into the garden, where you're much less likely to get told-off for breaking things than in the living room.

[Brau] I like the water idea a lot, the whole set can be filled with water to give it some solidity (or emptied before storage) while the foam padding stops Jane and John's heads from getting cracked open at playtime.
-- zen_tom, Dec 11 2006

I like to surround my fort with a moat of angry kittens*, deterring even the most hardy of attackers. Can you tell me whether the foam boulders will hurt my snarling cats of vengeance?

* (My cat Tiggs in a box.)
-- theleopard, Dec 11 2006

Tiggs wouldn't like it. Most cats find bombardment a stressful and unwelcome experience - whether it's a foam padded one or not.
-- zen_tom, Dec 11 2006

The other thing that worries me is, what's to stop innovative children bombarding their opponents with the contents of their kitten moat?
-- theleopard, Dec 11 2006

Only a warped mind would suggest that anyone could turn this entirely innocent invention into a force for evil. Anyway, you'd never get a cat to sit still long enough for you to satisfactorally launch it skyward. Not unless it had curled up for a nice sleep in the sling section of the trebuchet and you launched it while it was still asleep. A rabbit, or a tortoise perhaps, but not Tiggs.
-- zen_tom, Dec 11 2006

Simply wind the catapult up into its primed position, place kitten on top, pull handle.

"That was well easy Johnny!" "Wow! Did you see Biggles go?!" "I'm glad I don't live here."

It could go wrong, that's all I'm saying.
-- theleopard, Dec 11 2006

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