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Salad dressing dispensing fork   (+7)  [vote for, against]
Grind garbanzo beans and pour ranch over them

People who like to moderate the amount of salad dressing they encounter on their salads are often seen dipping the fork in the small container of dressing supplied on the side before taking a bite of salad on that fork.

This process can now be automated with the salad dressing dispensing fork.

This utensil has a small reservoir mounted on the handle, and a tube leading from the reservoir to the fork tines.

Between the reservoir and the tube there is a small pump button, similar in design to those found on bottles of hand lotion.

The user spears (or shovels - technique varies by user and salad type) some salad on to the fork tines, and then pumps a metered dose of dressing.
-- normzone, Apr 30 2021

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[pocmloc, Apr 30 2021]

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Brilliant! [+]
-- doctorremulac3, Apr 30 2021

If you use enough dressing is salad a soup?
-- Voice, May 01 2021

patented isn't baked, it's preheated.
-- Voice, May 01 2021

Even if it’s baked, nice to see you [nz] +
-- xandram, May 01 2021

Spraypainted brown?
-- pocmloc, May 01 2021

It does appear to be baked already, much to the glee of [a1] who searches the entire planet for these moments.
-- xenzag, May 01 2021

In the way in which this delivers a measured dose of your selected condiment, this reminds me of ‘Spravy’ (see link)
-- hippo, May 01 2021

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