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Computer: Browsing
Sanctioned Shoulder Surfing   (+1)  [vote for, against]
Watch me watch stuff

A program that streams your computer's output (video and audio) to a video channel that can be accessed by anyone.

So, like everyone can see what you do on your computer, live and in real time. People subscribe to your channel for a fee and/or ads are run on your channel.

You can schedule your performances and turn it off/on at any time.

"It's 2 PM. Hmmm...I wonder what the porpoise is up to. Let's have a look see."
-- the porpoise, Jul 31 2014

Watch people eat on YouTube
[the porpoise, Jul 31 2014]

So twitch, essentially?
-- Spacecoyote, Jul 31 2014

Er, yeah. Damn. Kind of almost exactly.
-- the porpoise, Jul 31 2014

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