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Build a non-profit organization at the north pole that closely resembles the lore of Christmas.

Make everyone dress in Santa/elf garb. There is a guy who sits all day and organizes the list of families to receive gifts. He checks this list several times before making his final decisions. He is fat and has a real beard. He is dressed like a felt-covered drunk who never gets out of bed. All the workers are also dressed in similar garb and there is a yet-to-be-settled-due -to-equal-opportunity height requirement/limitation for these workers.

People donate to the organization all year around. All donations go to giving toys and gifts to children in poverty at the end of the year. In one night!

Now we can all feel a little better about lying to our kids about what is really happening at the north pole: Santa is Real!
-- daseva, Dec 12 2011

North Pole, Alaska http://en.wikipedia.../North_Pole,_Alaska
Vaguely similar [spidermother, Dec 13 2011]

Santa's Villlage in New Hampshire
[xandram, Dec 13 2011]

I went to this one as a kid!!
[xandram, Dec 13 2011]

The Global HQ had better be bouyant, or this will be a pretty short-lived charity.
-- Alterother, Dec 12 2011

//He checks this list several times before making his final decisions.//

"this list" -- and what a list! This will require development a new field: Santa Informatics! [+]
-- swimswim, Dec 12 2011

Watch the movie "Bad Santa" - very funny thanks to Billy Bob Thornton
-- RedWire, Dec 13 2011

Seen it; funny, quite, but I don't exactly get your drift...
-- Alterother, Dec 13 2011

How do you working out the problem of Reindeer not being able to fly? Bun if you say rockets.

>this reminds me of something from my childhood; at the mall they had santa's sleigh set up for kids to play on, but instead of a regular red sleigh it had a high-tech cockpit and references to an FTL drive. Maybe it was the real thing?
-- DIYMatt, Dec 13 2011

[DIYMatt], rockets. :-)

I think Bad Santa is a movie about Santa and therefore relevant? Then again, there are a multitude of movies about Santa, and one would be led to wonder why this one is brought to fancy.

Edit: Got it. I mentioned a drunk Santa. But, it was only in pitch to the investors! No drinking on the job of course...
-- daseva, Dec 13 2011

I don't understand this; won't this just be in competition with Santa? Won't he resent these imposters pretending to be real?
-- pocmloc, Dec 13 2011

[+] I like the donations all year long idea!
-- xandram, Dec 13 2011

those are going to be some expensive toys. Can we at least bring in primary assemblies instead of raw material?
-- Voice, Dec 13 2011

Title should be Santa is Possible.
-- rcarty, Dec 13 2011

But then we would lose the punningly Zionist-baiting element.
-- calum, Dec 13 2011

Nothing in the mythos of Santa Claus denies Judaism (sp?). In fact, it's pretty much all pre-Christian in origin.
-- Alterother, Dec 13 2011

No, Santa Claus was made up by Coca Cola in 1931. The rest of it is pre-christian.
-- DIYMatt, Dec 13 2011

That's a myth, [DIY]. Coca cola may have popularised Santa Claus, and somewhat influenced his appearance, but that's all.
-- spidermother, Dec 13 2011

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