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use metorites to adjust the spin of the moon to counter tidal slowing of the earths spin.

As has been discussed in two previous articles the day is growing longer and longer slowly but surely as the energy of the spin of the earth is deposited in the moons orbit which gets farther and farther away. It is supposed to reach equilibrium when the day reaches a length of 55 present days. It occurs to me that the planets find themselves in rather odd pattern of quantitatively aligned ratios of orbit Planets fit into patterns because they settle there. Ratios like 1:2 1:3 7:13 you can always find two whole numbers to describe the relation. You can also find this with respect to the day. Mercury for example has a 3:2 spin–orbit resonance meaning that spin has lower energy positions it can settle in as well. Mercury may never break out of this resonance on its own. Face locked is not a given, for every body reaching equilibrium. I imagine Mercury is maintaining its spin through sapping its irregular orbit energy which may be feeding off the spin of the sun. There is perhaps a lot more energy behind it than is obvious.

I propose a 1:1 resonance counter spin between the Moon and Earth. We still get to have a moon and we can save the day by putting energy into earth's spin through the moon. The Earth has bumpy gravity. Smack the moon with a Jupiter rock and set it to spinning after we figure out the new resonance we can put energy into the system. if it won't take the amount of energy we want to put in we can make moon gravity exceptionally bumpy, if that is not enough we can magnetize it too.

As you probably know you can take two strong magnets spin one and watch the other one spin in the opposite direction like two invisible cogs. Just get an old cheap worn-out computer headset and pull the itsy magnets out of the bitsy speakers and play around.

But earth's magnetic field is lined up north south you might say. That is not a constant it realigns like every 8000 or 80000 years and who's to say we can't influence that. There is probably a reason it is lined up north and south and flips. Perhaps the sun is a dominant magnetic force perhaps gravitational force of resonance. Those are exactly what I am talking about changing.

Imparting energy into earth's rotation from the moon's orbit will keep them right where they are doing what they do. Whether or not we have to periodically smack the moon with a small Jupiter rock or if we can use solar sails. The order of magnitude change on the planetary level 1 meter/second every billion years. It's just so crazy it might work. We should definitely look into it if ever we decide to care.
-- MercuryNotMars, Feb 13 2009

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