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Advent calendar, filled with savoury goodness

Basically, it's all in the title. I do not have the sweetest of teeth, savoury nibbles being more my scene. So I imagine an advent calendar, filled with small vacuum packed savoury goods behind the doors instead of the oh-so-predictable and not so tasty chocolates. Perhaps a sausage-on-a-stick sir? Vol-au-Vent? Salt-and-Vinegar sticks my good man? And there's definitely a place for those fish-and-chips biscuits cum crisps that I used to see.
-- ChewTheBeef, Dec 01 2003

They make them for dogs http://www.my4legge...products/prod01.htm
Mmmmmm, for dogs... [dobtabulous, Oct 04 2004]

If you're expecting chocolate in my kids' advent calendar, you're sorely mistaken. We package up bits from a nativity scene, leading to the baby Jesus making his dramatic appearance on Christmas morning. Lots of sheep and trees for the first couple of weeks, then the main characters slowly appear. And nothing edible in sight.

Surely you could bake this yourself if you were so inclined - there are several sources of advent calendars with DIY pockets.
-- PeterSilly, Dec 01 2003

I could yes, but my ongoing dream is to be able to enter a shop and buy one without the hassle.

Hmmm....this is already reeking of fish. Any reasons why?
-- ChewTheBeef, Dec 01 2003

you wanted savoury?
-- yamahito, Dec 01 2003

<greedy> lets have three doors per day: a soup starter, a savoury main meal and yes, lets hear it for chocolat!</greedy>

PS, what do those sheep and trees taste like?
-- po, Dec 01 2003

I'll give you a savoury croissant to go behind door number 9. Mmmmmmm.....savoury.
-- silverstormer, Dec 01 2003

[po] - like you'd expect, better with mint sauce.
-- PeterSilly, Dec 01 2003

and the sheep?
-- po, Dec 01 2003

This one's been around a couple of times before. Seems to be yanked now thoughl
-- waugsqueke, Dec 01 2003

[waugs] Aye, I thought it would probably be about as well, but extensive (10 seconds) searching failed to yield it.
-- ChewTheBeef, Dec 03 2003

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