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Scattels   (+6)  [vote for, against]
Shakey Flat Blues and mind your scat dance

The box should contain ten large bowling skattles.

A plastic skittle skattle triangle.One sizzling scat dance CD.

Organise the skattles into a wide pattern upon the floor.

Play the CD.


The person with the most skittle skattles left upright on the kitchen's floor wins.
-- skinflaps, Jan 24 2007

This scatman is made from the interweb. Skittle skattles are up right effigies. [skinflaps, Jan 24 2007]

I'm a Scatman!
Bab-bab-bab-bab Bo! [Jinbish, Jan 24 2007]

Badda-batt, diddle-scoo, bun-a-roon-a-rooney.
-- Jinbish, Jan 24 2007

hee hee, perfecto linky [Jinbish]
-- skinflaps, Jan 24 2007

+ scooby- dooby- doo...doobie.
-- xandram, Jan 24 2007

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