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To combat idiot recruitment "consultants"

I have applied for and got two jobs since leaving university, both without the aid of that distinctly dodgy breed known as recruitment contultants. The first job I was in for eight years and when I joined I knew nothing about the company I was to work for and they knew very little about me (I applied because a friend happened to meet the boss and thought he seemed pretty smart; They just thought I seemed smart and might have potential). In the job I'm in at the moment I'm the authority within the group I work for on two complex and rapidly-changing technology areas about which I knew nothing 3 weeks ago when I started.
So, my point is that I would never have even got through the door of a recruitment consultant for either of these jobs as they tend to be checkbox-oriented - if a candidate doesn't have the exact list of skills listed on the job spec they're not even considered.
However, it is reasonable to assume that some people who email recruitment consultants do get jobs. So, this idea is for an automated CV (Resume) writer, which constructs hundreds of ficticious CVs based on a job spec you fancy and emails them off. One of them might get an interview, and then you're there, past the evil recruitment consultant with a chance to shine at the interview.
-- hippo, Oct 29 2003

I have only ever gotten jobs I knew nothing about, so I too despise resumes but, at heart, this is a spam generator. Worse, it encourages the very thing we would both like to eradicate. Sorry, fishbone.
-- DrCurry, Oct 29 2003

I have never had to write a cv. I hope I never have to.. its just like an advertisement after all.

write them in the style of a washing powder!
-- po, Oct 29 2003

"New PO!!!!!! - Now with more charm!"
-- hippo, Oct 29 2003

"Get's out dirt and grime, leaves office fresh and colorful! Comes in concentrated Po for double the clean!"
-- k_sra, Oct 29 2003

cHarM? moi? nEvEr. I am biologically challenged..

dry clean only..
-- po, Oct 29 2003

Fair point [DrC] - although as recruitment consultants treat ordinary email like it was spam (and only read 1 in every 100 CVs submitted) you might as well just send them spam - they're asking for it.
-- hippo, Oct 30 2003

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