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"Your computer is stuffed. Have a nice day."

This devious thought grew in my head during computing a few weeks back, and it's been niggling at me...

Let's say you accidently mail someone a virus. To make ammends to your collegue (that you either like, or really really hate), you give them this anti-virus software that had got rave reveiws, and you couldn't use it coz it wasn't compatible, and since their computer has gone bung...

They greedily slam the cd into their computer, and go through the whole wizard (it actually fixes it up), and then they find from their usual virus protection thing that it actually is a virus. At the end of the wizard it says "Your computer is now completely broken. Have a nice day."

The computer switches off, then turns back on.

It was all a joke.

All you have to worry about now is one person who really can't take a joke...
-- froglet, Jun 18 2005

I'm sure that unbridled hostilities have broken out over less. +
-- reensure, Jun 19 2005

That's nasty Pa've. Well done!
-- DrBob, Jun 19 2005

What [Dr.Bob] said.

I've been racking my brains for a use of this, but I can't. Probably yet another of my useless novelty ideas...
-- froglet, Jun 20 2005

A test of nerve for Linux desktop users is to have on the desktop for the root user "The Big Red Button," with appropriate icon. It's a desktop file for "rm -fr /".
-- Detly, Jun 20 2005

What is it with 'The Big Red Button'? I've always wondered why most people just want to press it. Not the green one, the blue one or the yellow polka-dotted one, but the red one...
-- froglet, Jun 20 2005

-- DesertFox, Jun 20 2005

Haven't joke viruses like this been around for quite some time?
-- contracts, Jun 20 2005

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