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Lollipops in the shape of a pair of scissors

To impress apon children the important lesson that there is an exception to every rule.
-- blahginger, Nov 10 2000

Um, okay.

Is this an explicit rule I'm not familiar with or just the generally unstated assumption that scissors should not be eaten?
-- baf, Nov 11 2000

One time my brother and I were doing a woodburning project (you know, drawing pictures on balsa wood with something resembling a soldering iron. Talk about a halfbaked idea) and enjoying lollipops at the same time. You know where this is going. Yes, licking the woodburner is a painful lesson, as my brother learned.

Anyway, I thought that you weren't supposed to RUN with scissors. So how about the Scissors Relay Race. Then you could have Paste Pops.
-- jimfl, Nov 12 2000

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