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Don't hit snooze

A standard size alarm clock that has the internals to cook you scrambled eggs. Imagine walking up to fresh hot breakfast every morning. Like many people I enjoy sleeping. Sometimes too much. Mornings are timed down to the last minute, and most of the time not that well. I need help walking up. Enter; Egg-larm. The night before you use it you crack eggs into the top of the alarm. The eggs are kept cold by a peltier module, intill morning.

You set your alarm for 8:30. At 8:29 it turns on the internal griddle to pre-heat the cooking surface. Then at 8:30 it scrambles the eggs loudly and aggressively. Next, it drops the eggs and starts frying them. All of this can be watched through the front of the alarm. There is no snooze alarm. In fact that reflex would be harmful should the user try to hit the button and get fried digits instead. Now your awake, your breakfast is ready, time to start your day.

I’m going to build this
-- evilpenguin, Jul 12 2007

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Better than cold pizza for breakfast [Canuck, Jul 12 2007]

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I've always wanted one [BunsenHoneydew, Aug 29 2007]

Could you use a pair of those in shell scramblers to avoid having to crack the eggs ahead of time? Oh, and I think those eggs need a croissant.
-- Galbinus_Caeli, Jul 12 2007

Keeping the device stocked with fresh eggs every night might become a loathsome task, and who cleans it after cooking?

Make it so the actual cooking surface is removable and dishwasher-safe. Perhaps have more than one cooking insert.

As for keeping it stocked with eggs, how about something like in the link? Then, all you'd add would be water.
-- Canuck, Jul 12 2007

[marked-for-deletion] cholesterol.
-- nuclear hobo, Jul 12 2007

Maybe he was thinking of MRE's?
-- Canuck, Jul 12 2007

Canuck, why wouldn't you want to do dishes every morning?

Okay, to solve your problems, Teflon on to griddle surface, and you wipe it clean with a paper towel. As for stocking the eggs... well if you want them your going to have to crack a few every night before bed.
-- evilpenguin, Jul 12 2007

This may be OK for fried eggs but I like my scrambled eggs completely un-fried thanks. In a pot with a wooden spoon and milk, salt and pepper to taste.
This may be sightly trickier.
-- gnomethang, Jul 12 2007

Rumor has it the poached version is hung up in the design phase.
-- normzone, Jul 12 2007

Add bacon for the aroma. I'm not sure the sound of scrambling eggs would wake me, unless I was sleeping in the kitchen. But the smell of bacon permeating the house...... mmmmmmm
-- Noexit, Jul 12 2007

Awesome response. You Bakers are allright.

This was actually a tangental idea to my original version of this invention / idea / post. My first idea was for a breakfast robot. About the size of a breadmaker, the device would make you a full breakfast. As to the working of machine, there is no way of making an affordable version. No way to put all the electronics, mechanical parts and software into a sellable product.

**If you happen to have a multi-axis robotic arm, flat grill, refridgerator, camera and PC to control it (along with very custom software) you could easily create a breakfast robot. Write the movements for the arm to make, write a cooking program, and set a timer. (WIBNI) This would be a huge undertaking. This is not even quarterbaked.

Enter the Egg-larm -- Simple, buildable, enjoyable, sellable, edible product producing alarm clock.
-- evilpenguin, Jul 13 2007

Love it, is that a Rube Goldberg?
-- evilpenguin, Jul 14 2007

[bigsleep] You have a breadmaker at your bedside?
-- squeak, Jul 16 2007

I like this idea. I like this a lot. [+].

[nuclear_hobo], I'd recommend sticking to the existing list of MFD reasons.
-- hidden truths, Jul 16 2007

There seems to be a problem with that understanding, [ht]

I've always wanted a hen that could do this. Thing is, would I know where the snooze button was?
-- skinflaps, Jul 16 2007

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-- jutta, Jul 23 2007

Tangentially baked, using bacon. See link.
-- 5th Earth, Jul 25 2007

Robot breakfasts are half-baked in many films, and usually to disastrous results.

Wallace and Grommit and Brazil come immediately to mind. Oh, and Pee Wee Herman too.
-- globaltourniquet, Jul 26 2007

Rather like a souped-up Teasmade, then? [link]

I don't think any fancy robotic arms are needed. Here's how I see it:

Half the device would be a tiny refrigerator (preferably a silent Peltier type) with a conveyer belt egg compartment (capacity - 1 dozen), a bacon conveyer, and a milk reservoir. The bacon feeder separates the two bottom rashers with a simple blade.

A simple motorised mixing blade (wooden) over the frypan (separate bowls for the eggs and the bacon) takes care of the stirring.

The luxury model does beans, mushrooms, hollandaise sauce and croissants.
-- BunsenHoneydew, Aug 29 2007

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