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Business: Words
Secretarts   (+5, -1)  [vote for, against]
Edible office assistants

Ok I've been sitting here for the last two hours trying to write a report on software project group organisation. I've misspelt the word secretary just one time to often and I'm getting hungry...

And so the secretart is born...

Part secretary part pastry and fruit delight, the secretart carrys out office filing, memo taking and typing. If you're hungry you just rip off a chunk and enjoy its sweet fruity goodness
-- imagooAJ, Oct 17 2000

Surely you're not unaware of the other, less used meaning of 'tart'?

-- hippo, Oct 17 2000

Any pun is purely accidental I assure you....

-- imagooAJ, Oct 17 2000

I bet you thought this one up on "Bosses' Day" didn't you?
-- reensure, Oct 17 2000

I resent the implications....

Plus, I'm just young naif student who knows nothing about offices, and food was starting to play on my mind....
-- imagooAJ, Oct 17 2000

And here I was thinking you had misspelled "organization" and "misspelled."
-- bristolz, Oct 24 2000

Interesting....I'm pretty tarty myself, not quite sure if I'm edible, however...
-- secretart, Mar 12 2001

I'd have to see a you bathe often?
-- caster, Apr 16 2004

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