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Business: Service
Secure Cloakrooms for bags   (0)  [vote for, against]
You've forgotten your bags sir!

A bag cannot travel in the hold of a plane without its owner being on board because of the obvious security implications. So why is it that a bag can be handed in to cloakroom of a public building such as a bar/nightclub/museum and its owner be able to easily walk away from it.

I propose a new secure cloakroom. On handing in a bag, the owner's iris is scanned and registered against the bags in question.

To leave the bar/musem/[whatever], the customer need walk through an iris reader. If they have a bag registered, the doorman will politely remind them to retrieve it. In this way, it serves as a reminder to legitimate but forgetful individuals as well as provide a security deterrant.

Other biometrics could be used such as finger prints. I did toy with the idea of implanting a chip (like the pet passports), but I fear obvious big brother/human rights implications!
-- jonthegeologist, Jun 19 2003

What if your girlfriend is a bit of a lightweight and falls asleep in the bar, leaving you to carry/drag her home and therefore doesn't have her eyes open as she is leaving?
-- hazel, Jun 19 2003

a) Wake her. b) Stay in the bar until she wakes naturally. c) Register two "eyes" for the bags. Then your boyfriend can go get them for you.
-- jonthegeologist, Jun 19 2003

what about a long bit of elastic, tied to one hand and the bag
-- neilp, Jun 19 2003

armed with a pair of scissors, I play havoc with your security system neilp
-- jonthegeologist, Jun 19 2003

Aside from the creepy big brother aspects this idea is a winner just like the street lockers. This is also something you beat me to. That is why I was able to accurately guess you posted this too (I'm not one to say often I know what's posted by whom in "two notes"). Take out the optical scanner and replace with a (sacrilege alert) receptionist/front desk person type. They can have other functions that don't require leaving the area unattended to round out their usefulness.
-- thecat, Jun 19 2003

get people charged for the honour, by the hour, logarithmically...
-- Ossalisc, Aug 27 2003

Seems like a lot of hassle for very little gain to me.
-- zigness, Mar 21 2004

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