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The yellow fight against ATM fraud.

From time to time, dastardly charlatans have taken to putting fairly sophisticated false fronts on ATM machines in order to steal card details from the morally upstanding (but somewhat dopey) majority.

I have a cunning plan to thwart their bogusness. Each ATM should have on its facade a light sensor, and banks should place a small light above the ATM. Should the light sensor be covered, the ATM would automatically dispense custard from its slot, gunking up the dubious technology which has been fraudulently attached to its front.

An added benefit would be that homeless people would soon learn that by simply placing their thumbs over the sensor, they'd have an automatic yummy custard dispenser. Frankly, I don't think this minor abuse would break the bank.

Also, if the security light blew it's bulb overnight, the surrounding streets would be turned into a custardy Venice by morning... which would be wonderful for tourism.
-- Fishrat, Feb 02 2007

(Psst: you're somewhat apostrophically excessive here, [Fishrat], m'boy.)
-- angel, Feb 02 2007

thanks [angel] tis now fixed.
-- Fishrat, Feb 03 2007

(Duct tape / Gaffer's tape / Electrical tape / Scotch tape / Chewing gum) --> custard depletion. Yum.
-- lurch, Feb 03 2007

I don't think they would need to dispense custard continuously when the light went out. Nor do I think the light would be necessary, as most ATMs now have a camera installed on or near them. A camera on the ATM can simply dispense a bit of custard when it gets covered, or when something appears to be getting placed around it. A camera near the ATM can look for the typical green glow of the insert card slot, and if it notices certain changes, it can signal for custard dispensing.
-- ye_river_xiv, Feb 03 2007

This is my favorite idea of all.

Except chesshenge and some others which are clearly superior.

-- Mr Buttersworth, Feb 04 2007

I understand French banks now use custard money markers (instead of the purple dye bomblets) in robbery situations.

Quite clever really - if the gendarmes catch anybody with custardy mitts it is immediately obvious that they are bank robbers or English. Straight off to the chunnel entrance either way. (+)
-- ConsulFlaminicus, Feb 05 2007

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