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Charity bins for seeds

There are a few people who donate the seeds of semi-to very rare flora from their back yard to charity. There are others who wish to do something, but do not know how.

I propose charity bins for seeds, where a small box that's bolted to the ground (as inevitable some pillock will try to destroy them) with a large letter slot so as that people who live in the locality can donate the seeds of certain plants (which may be depicted on the box, or giving a website address which shows which seeds are acceptable and how to sustainably collect them) with ease.
-- froglet, Apr 23 2006

A local version of Seed Savers Exchange?
[Galbinus_Caeli, Apr 23 2006]

Cast ye not thy seed into a barren box...
-- ConsulFlaminicus, Apr 23 2006

They'd go to seed banks.
-- froglet, Apr 24 2006

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