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Baseball with an exciting twist

Baseball usually sucks. I love the sport when something is happening. But, it seems to be that about 4/5 of the game is just waiting for excitement. So, I came up with Seek Baseball. Here is how it is played. Just about all the rules are the same. But, the bases are moved by "Base Zombies". Base Zombies are especially trained base movers. They wear a powder blue the UN helmets...and there are three of them. Each base has a base zombie except for home plate. The job of the base zombie is to move the base two steps every time there is a pitch. As soon as the catcher catches the ball or the ball is hit, the Base Zombie picks up the base he or she is responsible for and moves it two steps in any direction he or she chooses. There are limits, of course. First base has a 40 ft half circle, as does third base, within which it can be moved. Second base has a 3/4 circle 40 ft in diameter within which it can be moved. The bases are in their usual position at the start of the game and by the fifth inning, first base might be 130 feet away from home and only twenty feet from second...third might be only 50 feet from home plate...see? This would change the dynamic of baseball to make it so much more exciting...and it would change the more predictable sacrifice flys or bunts or double-play guarantees....and the fielders would then have entirely new decisions to make on where to send the ball....and just think of the delicious mistakes that would be made! I can hardly wait to play a game....if I could only find enough players and three Base Zombies...

-- Blisterbob, Sep 13 2005

I am sure there is something in every sport to displease somebody. But any idea that starts "<this game> sucks..." is going to get my fishbone.

You want to improve a sport, start with one that you *like.*
-- DrCurry, Sep 13 2005

To be fair though, I like the idea. Bun.
-- Germanicus, Sep 13 2005

baseball's're just not smart enough to enjoy it. interesting note: the dimensions from the pitcher's mound to home plate was scrawled down as 60' 0" (sixty feet, zero inches), but misread as 60' 6" thus allowing for the creation of the curve ball many years afterward. see how things work out if you just leave 'em alone.
-- goober, Sep 13 2005

Try cricket and tune in.
-- zeno, Sep 13 2005

Unfortunately for you people, both baseball and cricket are extremely boring. And I don't understand this idea, because I have tried so hard through my life to avoid ever having to come into contact with baseball, that I don't have even the slightest clue of any of the rules.
-- quaero curvus, Sep 13 2005

Well, try bowls then.
-- zeno, Sep 13 2005

why not just allow the basemen to move the bases?
-- schmendrick, Sep 13 2005

Or you could watch Motorsport, which is good. And not "NASCAR" or "Indy" which are basically bunches of talentless idiots driving in circles for hours. I'm talking Formula One, the pinnacle of automotive skill, control, and technology. And Americans aren't any good at it, which is a bonus.
-- quaero curvus, Sep 14 2005

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