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Segway Hand Truck   (+1)  [vote for, against]
Hand Truck that uses Segway technology

This is pretty self-explanatory. It’s a hand truck, which works like a segway. Helps to balance bulky or unbalanced loads on said hand truck to prevent the load from falling, crushing, or otherwise maiming the user. And I guess you can ride on it too.
-- notme, Jan 11 2003

Lego Segway http://perso.freelu.../legway/LegWay.html
Even includes code [RayfordSteele, Oct 21 2004]

How Segway Works http://www.segway.c...y/how_it_works.html
[krelnik, Oct 21 2004]

No, antigravity.
-- dalek, Jan 11 2003

Check out the link. Lego Segway...
-- RayfordSteele, Jan 11 2003

You ain't gonna fit many milk cartons on that...
-- DrCurry, Jan 11 2003

Cool idea though...
-- snarfyguy, Jan 11 2003

I thought the lego segway was cool enough to deserve a link somewhere, and this is the first segway-related post I came to.
-- RayfordSteele, Jan 11 2003

I'm not sure this would work. A Segway relies on the rider's innate sense of balance to give it inputs on what to do. A inert load doesn't give it anything to work with. At best if the handtruck started to tip the darn thing would just go scooting off in the direction it was tipping, out of control.
-- krelnik, Jan 11 2003

If the Segway senses the rider's intention of moving in a particular direction (by the rider leaning that way), then a Segway handtruck could operate the same way. More interestingly, though, the handtruck should simply follow along behind the operator.

A two-wheeled handtruck would also have to perform some fancy footwork to stay balanced as it is loaded/unloaded.
-- DrCurry, Jan 11 2003

Tugging a handtruck along with your hands, and standing on it so it can sense your balance from your feet, are two very different things, DrC.

I just thought of something. A Segway has two wheels, a handlebar, and a small platform. A handtruck has two wheels, a handle at the top, and a small platform for cargo. If this would work, couldn't you just use a stock Segway?

Ergo, there's no invention here.
-- krelnik, Jan 11 2003

-- notme, Jan 16 2003

I wasn't impressed with the Segway.
-- lumpy, Jan 16 2003

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