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Business: Conferencing
Seism-oIP   (+4, -1)  [vote for, against]
Seismic activity reproducer over IP device

Elemental in design, this device would sense seismic activity (shocks to the furniture in which it sits) and reproduce them on another identical unit at a remote location. The unit would be no larger than a medium computer subwoofer. To sense shock the device has a very sensitive accelerometer mounted to the case. Inside there is a linear motor driving a lead counterweight. The interface circuit board and a power supply complete the units insides. On the outside there would be an female USB jack and an Ethernet port for connectivity. The purpose of such a device is one of basic human interaction, and filling the digital gap created by modern communication.

There are times in business when dealing with people over the phone in which you just want to pound on the desk. The device is designed to work with two people that have the units on their each of their desks. When they communicate, whether over phone, video (overIP) or preferably VoIP they could use the devices to convey frustration, oIP. Just pound on your desk and the other persons device percusses equally on their desk!

I don’t know if anyone else would have a use for such a device, but I would. I had all-day phone call with my supervisor (on the opposite coast) that climaxed with her pounding on her desk so hard I heard her pens rattle in the coffee cup. We go back and forth arguing when ever business is getting done and most of the time we’re angry at the same thing, so this would really aid in our communication.
-- evilpenguin, Nov 01 2007

You could take it one step further, and transmit all internet data through the earth via vibration. Signal discretion may be a challenge.
-- normzone, Nov 01 2007

//all-day phone call with my supervisor that climaxed with her pounding on//

-- Custardguts, Nov 01 2007

<[evilpenguin]'s supervisor>"Stop wasting time on the HalfBakery <fx: pounds on desk> and get back to work!!"</[evilpenguin]'s supervisor>
-- hippo, Nov 01 2007

-- evilpenguin, Nov 01 2007

It probably has applications in toys as well. I've noticed counterweight-eccentric-drive motors on several of my daughter's toys. [+]
-- ed, Nov 01 2007

So, instead of allowing you to get away from the desk-pounding maniac, this lets you feel the person's crazy pounding?
-- Shadow Phoenix, Nov 01 2007

-- evilpenguin, Nov 01 2007

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