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Chairs that adjust to your dimensions if you sit in them.

Pre-computer age middlingware never fits extreme people well. If you're a child, or small, your feet never touch the ground when you sit in chairs; if you're lanky your knees keep bumping your chin.

So a pre-computer solution to this would be the adjustable chair. The occupant can alter dimensions such as length, making sitting rooms wonderfully scruffy and uneven. As long as everyone knows their place, harmony breaks out among all users of such a lounge, not overly concerned with impressing imaginary unpleasant strangers (they never do appear) with how smart and sterile the Space looks.

But why stop there? We're all going to be RFID tagged, barcoded, and biometrically scanned one day, anyway, so why not benefit from this? Simply motorise the adjustment procedure, under the direction of a microcontroller, and allow it to interrogate your collar, and attempt to identify you.

Now you can pinch Granny's spot, and the chair will grow to accommodate your gangly appendages. And then Granny can climb all the way up onto your normal chair, and it will gently place her feet on the ground.

I think there are car seats that do this already, but the lounge suites I've seen offer mere style, and nothing else.
-- skoomphemph, Mar 15 2014

// We're all going to be RFID tagged, barcoded, and biometrically scanned one day //

... that day now being quite a while in the past; you just weren't told.

But, it's for the greater good, so that's OK.

// I think there are car seats that do this already //

We know there are car seats that do this already.
-- 8th of 7, Mar 15 2014

Well I'm glad to finally be the last one to find out that we're all tagged, measured, and identified. Phew! Well that's a relief.

I should've suspected as much, having suspected that car seats now automatically accommodate each permitted driver (and presumably be obstructive and fold down protectively onto the steering wheel if the driver is not on the list?). If the seats lacked an identification system, it would be unreasonable to suspect them of this type of kindness. (My seats don't do any accomodating - and my air conditioner is a retro-chic device known as "an open window").

For the technology to be able to move over to lounge furniture would require breakthroughs of a non-technical nature. Impossible, really.
-- skoomphemph, Mar 15 2014

You mean you actually get out of your armchair?
-- pocmloc, Mar 16 2014

I never do. It has destroyed me, so I'm no longer able to move much (other than to go to bed).
-- skoomphemph, Mar 16 2014

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