Product: Straw
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Cause a stir with this ghostly straw

The two designs I have are as follows. Both straws have small ammounts of metal in the plastic and the cups you have rest on a pad with a circular linear engine underneath.

The Ghost Design

This straw has a small ring of steel in the tip and also a hydrodynamic design sure to create turbulance behind it. Of the two designs, it has the smallest footprint and the easiest chance of being massproduced. The momentum may force this straw to the bottom outside edge of the cup. However, adding a smaller circular linear motor inside the bigger one and having them switch back and forth should solve this problem nicely.

The Whirlygig Design

Straw with plastic coated steel rotors. This design will be the most centered and will only need one linear motor. Also the most efficient for mixing drinks.

At no point in the design does it call for the metal to touch your drink.
-- sartep, Nov 14 2003

Looks like you left everyone speechless. That or they are all stirring the air around the post with ghost votes and annos.
-- k_sra, Nov 18 2003

I still want a small, less ungainly version of common laboratory mixers using magnets, which whirl the liquid into solution ...
-- Letsbuildafort, Nov 18 2003

Ha! I dunno, maybe it just got buried by new ideas and no one saw it. That happens sometimes.
-- sartep, Nov 18 2003

That would be the ghost design.
-- sartep, Nov 18 2003

And no one can catch the whirlygig idea to anno?
-- k_sra, Nov 18 2003

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